Seeing Red

Red Baker’s TwineBaker’s Twine has been a ubiquitous fixture in bakeries for ages. The 100% cotton 4 ply string is FDA food safe approved, and while strong, it can still be broken by hand. Equal parts utilitarian and beautiful. Available in black and red. 2 pounds. 9072 feet.

Red 4-Way Rubber BandsThese bands stretch four ways to hold objects of any shape: books, catalogs or even round film-reel cans. They also make a great alternative to ribbon for gift wrapping. Made of pure, seamless, natural rubber. Bag of 10. Made in the USA.

Red Bridle Hook:  Made by a company that outfits stables, this sturdy, vinyl coated, steel Bridle Hook is designed to withstand heavy use. With three anchor points to secure it to the wall, it is capable of holding very heavy items. Aside from its obvious home in the stables, we’ve found it incredibly useful for heavy winter coats and scarves. Measures: 5 ½” long x 4” wide x 3 ½” deep.

Infila Needle ThreaderA clever product, the Infila Needle Threader can thread a needle with single or multiple threads. The simple push button operation successfully threads large and fine needles with ease. A very handy addition to the sewing basket. Made in Italy. Measures: 1 ¾” tall x 3” wide.

Steel Turn Switch at Blom & Blom. Saw this here.  See more here

Line Images by Bloomers | Schumm with hidden content.  Saw this here.  See more here. 

Line Images by Bloomers | Schumm with hidden content.  Saw this here.  See more here

Caliper Studio.  Saw this here.  See more here. 

Caliper Studio.  Saw this here.  See more here

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