A Canvas Canvas

The Museum of Useful Things is fond of canvas. Not only for the rolls it assumes in the home, office, and work shed, but also for its durability and its multifaceted nature. Canvas can be dressed down in the form of a Mason Bag or up as a weekend bag. It is hard worker in the form of a Machinist’s Apron. It is humble in the form of a Linesman’s Bucket. And it is stylish in the form of a Bushel Basket. How does canvas fit into your life?

CANVAS AND LEATHER MASON BAGConstructed for heavy duty hauling. Masonite base keeps bag from drooping. Steel frame construction props bag open. With water weight canvas and heavy duty metal clasps.  Double stitched leather handles and base protect against wear and tear. Used by plumbers and masons, its utility isn’t limited to the trade. Accrues a lovely patina with serious use, adds to the beauty of the rough edges of this bag. Each one unique. Made in the USA. Measures: 18” wide x 13” high x 6” deep.  Interior Pocket: 11” wide x 9” high.

MACHINIST APRONHeavy water weight canvas and durable double stitching make this unisex apron a useful addition to the workman’s wardrobe. Several pockets, and a strap to catch longer tools. Made in USA. One size fits all. Tie closure. 

CANVAS LINESMAN BUCKETLinesmen have used these durable canvas buckets for years to haul tools to the lines they are servicing. The buckets have the added advantage of being made out of water weight canvas, so they work exceedingly well to transport water. With steel rings around top and bottom, and double stitched seams, these collapsable bags can withstand lots of wear and tear. Measures: 9 ½” high x 9 ¼” wide.  Handle 7” long. 

MUT 1 BUSHEL CANVAS BASKETStenciled with our signature MUT (Museum of Useful Things) logo, this steel frame, tear-resistant canvas basket with vinyl binding is durable and multifunctional. The bright yellow canvas, inspired by Save-ty Yellow products found in factories, is eye catching. Two canvas handles enhance the ease of use. Typically found on construction sites and in Post Offices, these baskets have been manufactured by the same company since 1921. Made in the USA. Measures: 13 ½” high x 17” wide.